Video Editing

Video Editing Service is the challenging part. We have completed more than 8000 editing since last 15 years. We took up the challenge to make the first HD setup ever in Kolkata for a wedding in the year 2011. In the present day, scenario HD is simple to make due to the availability of various hardware and software. We have developed and assembled such systems within Kolkata for video editing Platform having output Blue Ray, HD, 2K, 4K, other formats also.

Our company is committed to practicing on different software/hardware with Manual to automation system which we upgrade every time with the latest generation system. Each time we upgrade to deliver better quality work, we ensure that people can get in touch with us in Kolkata. Video Editing is a strong platform because merely shooting by camera takes just one day while editing a 5-minute clip will take hours to complete. Editing in itself is a vast chapter to complete. The extensive time taken to deliver a wedding footage takes 3 to 6 months, the only reason being the editing portion. The quality and quantity of our work depend on the length of our wedding shoot.

For a Documentary Style Wedding, it takes more than 3 months to complete the entire video.According to the length of footage, rates vary for video editing.  The rates are determined once we have checked the video footage.  In the case of minor changes in the casting of a video, lower charges are levied.Send us your videos to know the best rates for editing.

Video editing house in kolkata