Terms Conditions For Payment and Work.

  • Please make sure that you book in advance for 40-60% payment.
  • You must make sure to visit and register on our website so that we may track you back through email or SMS when required.
  • After completion of your event please pay remaining amount of the billing amount on the same day.No dues accepted.
  • Albums will be sent for printing only after verification by the client.
  • Albums will be delivered to you after completion only after clearance of the payment.
  • If the number of pages exceeds the agreed amount extra charges will be applied to Album.
  • We will provide you with the raw footage of your event after the total payment is cleared. Please note that the raw footage will be delivered on your DVD/hard drive, depending on the size. So, kindly bring a hard disk along with you.
  • We generally take 3-6 months for total completion of a big project such as weddings, documentaries, short films, etc.
  • For smaller events like birthday parties, Annaprason, anniversaries, etc. we generally take 1-3 months.
  • Rates may differ according to events depending on the creativity and quality of the project.
  • We also charge an extra minimum traveling allowance.
  • We should also be provided with proper food and lodging during the events.
  • Your work may not be given if full payment is not cleared.
  • However, the time taken may vary according to workload.


Album Designing and Still Images

  • All album pictures will be sent in small size via Google Drive for selection Process.
  • Faster the selection, we can continue for Album Designing.
  • We will be unable to proceed the project until the pictures are been selected by the clients.
  • Firstly we will design the album without color corrections after the final changes are made we will proceed to CC & QC.
  • The final copy will be sent for final verification with color correction and no changes will be made further for image replacement, changes.
  • After we finished the design, the client should report within 2 days. (any changes or final confirmation).
  • Changes will be done once, to maximum twice (only a few pages), changing many pages or design will be charged extra.
  • Until the clearance of the payment, we are unable to proceed with printing. So kindly clear all dues to get your album.
  • The days will be started counting after the pictures are get selected by clients.
  • After Designing complete, you have to proceed with payment for album Printing within 10 Days.
  • After Delivery and confirmation, we keep backup for 15 days only.


Video Production

Cinematic Video Output

  • We Generally receive a mail from clients for song selection, music selection, criteria.
  • Without video Criteria email confirmation we will not start your work.
  • For Cinematic Video We generally take time around 3 months according to workload.
  • For cinematic work, live preview link will be Provided.
  • During live preview, time code may/may not be available to note the timing for understanding.

Traditional Video Output

  • For traditional work, no live preview will be showed and only one time may be changed.
  • Once video is completed, HD Version will be dispatched with your HDD/pen drive or Google Drive.( Video will be deleted 12 hours)
  • Make sure that you copy your content on another device. Any loss for your work will not be taken responsibility by us.
  • Your video will be deleted after 2 weeks from to date receiving your product.
  • Re-edit after Final Delivery may charge according to criteria. Eg Rendering, HD, Editing.