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Abhinav weds Ankita, well where to begin! From Classmates to soul mates this couple made much of the moments together. Unaware, of the fact that they were celebrating Love in each of those moments. With Ankita’s gleefulness & the sheer charm of her presence she made a way into Abhinav’s heart. His soul danced to his heart’s content & he arrived on her doorsteps to take away the bride! Ankita with her everlasting beauty illuminated at the thought of Abhinav’s proposal. The siblings Ashu (Abhinav’s brother) & Raja ( Ankita’s Brother) took the wedding preparations on themselves, making it a big success! Only leaving the family to wonder, how quickly the children grew up, now ready to have a Family of their own. No amount of gifts could be compared to the bundle of joy Abhinav was to get in Ankita’s presence.It was no less than a lifetime membership to health( Abhinav weds Ankita ), wealth & prosperity, of course, would fall on his side. Against all odds this couple has entered into a beautiful journey of matrimony, proving that opposites do indeed attract!  Thinking of the marriage ceremony by candid photographer Kolkata where the Pundit tells you to play truth & dare, all Abhi could do was stare guys. Wondering if this is a reality or one of his fantasy trips to join hands with the love of his life Ankita  And well it wasn’t a dream but the reality of Love! Creating a Cinematic Wedding is just awesome.