A Pre Wedding Photography is the most special day for couples. Generally, both couples meet each other before marriage but their story is not captured in photos. Pre Wedding Photography is likely to be captured by the best wedding photographers. The professional photographers take their types of equipment to capture the unique pre-wedding photos of the beautiful memories even before the wedding. A couple can opt for candid photos amidst breathtaking locations or family photos to make their Pre Wedding Photography albums a cherish able experience. We create stories for pre-wedding or for wedding couples as well. By creating these stories for them it’s quite easy for us to shoot according to the story line. Love marriages work well sometimes but think about a arrange marriage and that too on a short notice. The couple cannot coordinate with each other due to lack of time, making it a serious issue of having not much time in hand to know each other.The couple is quite funny extremely understanding & full of life!. When they shared their stories with us, we instantly thought of a unique concept of shooting on the road. Shooting on road is a little trouble as the couple is noticed by all the pedestrians.So a little direction here & there, like making them wear them a regular dress, to continue on their shopping spree and so on. This made up for the little awkwardness they faced, making it a less professional shoot & more of a candid photography with pre wedding photography.

Pre wedding Photography

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