Video Editing

In the present day scenario HD is simple to make due to availability of various hardware and software. We have developed such systems  for video editing Platform having output Blue Ray, HD, 2K, 4K, other formats also.

Our company is committed to practicing on different software/hardware with Manual to automation system which we upgrade every time with the latest generation system. Each time we upgrade to deliver better quality work, we insure that people can get in touch .Video Editing is a strong platform, because merely shooting by camera takes just one day while editing a 5 minute clip will take hours to complete.

Colour Grading (CC/DI)

 Color Correction or grading is the technique of changing the color presets in an motion image / image. Changing color tone and make the artificial relastic to feel the real presence.

Our Color correction and grading is truely professional into wedding industry. Maintaining Color correction is required for every professional motion pictures. Our team put all efforts into this to make an movie better.

Multicamera live switching and HD recording For corporate event / concert

Multitasking is a must have quality whether it is a person or technology or business organization. The best advantage of our company is the service of multicamera live switching; in brief it is the technology of broadcasting multiple events to specific audiences. Platform such as DaCast is used for this purpose.

 The new generation consumers headed toward high definition digital video recording long time ago. High definition (HD) digital video recording devices are available in our studio at an affordable and rate for any corporate event or concert.

HD Live streaming

HD Live streaming is important activity in Digital media now a days. Offering best quality Output from Hardware using hardware encoding / software encoding to provide output in Youtube, Vimeo, RTMS, Dacast, Or any paid API. We have done several projects over live streaming. Currently we are providing Training on All India Export & Import Training over live streaming through out the year. Our Professional Team and dedicated software will help you to make your successful live show. Flexible publishing options make it simple to reach your audience in the manner you choose, from password protection to the ability to control embeds and where others can share your content.

Professional Sound Dubbing

In the film industry sound dubbing refers to replacement of the original voice with others specially utilized for bilingual films. Professional sound dubbing refers to mixing or giving a final touch to the final recording. This process is done after the film or video is completed or it is a post-production process. Many tools are used for sound dubbing such as Wavepad, Adobe Audition, Magix and many others. Our company specializes in sound mixing and dubbing with great professionalism.

Picture Editing with colour correction & Album Design

Picture editing or photo editing encompasses alteration of images or digital images using different photo editing software. This software let you resize, crop and correction of color with ease. The best overall photo editor is Adobe Photoshop and is quite popular as well as expensive in the digital market. Apart from this GIMP which is considered as an alternative of Adobe Photoshop. There are few Photoshop which are less expensive than the previous such as Microsoft paint, Photoshop Express, etc.

Corporate live sound

Corporate sound refers to the sound of the brand. This sound is totally different from any music event. Corporate live sound needs a basic understanding of audio, audio processing and live sound reinforcement. Corporate sounds are generally used for motivating and inspiring your audiences. These sounds works from the background generally related to generating business leads for the progress for your organization.