Rice Ceremony. A Story of mother and child. He was born in London, UK and it’s their first time to celebrate Rice Ceremony in INDIA, Kolkata.

Based on a true story its all about the feelings. A story for a baby.His little feet and hands are so tiny and so fragile, his little hand’s angel in our arms because he can fit into both my arms.He is so vulnerable it brings out so much love in ours, the natural feelings to protect him to guard him to make that he is fine, he is looked after.

“He is like a little plant and we need to water him to make sure that he grows strong and beautiful and healthy, and that is our role as parents to make sure that we are getting all the love, so he grows up to be a beautiful person in or out”. Rice ceremony is also known as Annaprashan or Mukhevat in Bengali. You can Watch more Images from this links.

First Rice Ceremony