Terms Condition

Terms Conditions For Payment and Work.

  • Please make sure that you book in advance for 40-60% payment.
  • You must make sure to visit and register on our website so that we may track you back through email or SMS when required.
  • After completion of your event please pay remaining 20-40% of the billing amount on the same day.
  • Albums will be sent for printing only after verification by the client.
  • Albums will be delivered to you after completion only after clearance of the payment.
  • If the number of pages exceeds the agreed amount extra charges will be applied to Album.
  • We will provide you with the raw footage of your event after the total payment is cleared. Please note that the raw footage will be delivered on your DVD/hard drive, depending on the size. So, kindly bring a hard disk along with you.
  • We generally take 3-6 months for total completion of a big project such as weddings, documentaries, short films, etc.
  • For smaller events like birthday parties, Annaprason, anniversaries, etc. we generally take 1-3 months.
  • Rates may differ according to events depending on the creativity and quality of the project.
  • We also charge an extra minimum traveling allowance.
  • We should also be provided with proper food and lodging during the events.
  • Your work may not be given if full payment is not cleared.
  • However, the time taken may vary according to workload.


Album Designing and Still Images

  • All album pictures will be sent in small size via Google Drive for selection Process.
  • Faster the selection, we can continue for Album Designing.
  • We will be unable to proceed the project until the pictures are been selected by the clients.
  • Firstly we will design the album without color corrections after the final changes are made we will proceed to CC & QC.
  • The final copy will be sent for final verification with color correction and no changes will be made further for image replacement, changes.
  • After we finished the design, the client should report within 2 days. (any changes or final confirmation).
  • Changes will be done once, to maximum twice (only a few pages), changing many pages or design will be charged extra.
  • Until the clearance of the payment, we are unable to proceed with printing. So kindly clear all dues to get your album.
  • The days will be started counting after the pictures are get selected by clients.
  • After Designing complete, you have to proceed with payment for album Printing within 10 Days.
  • After Delivery and confirmation, we keep backup for 15 days only.


Video Production

Cinematic Video Output

  • We Generally receive a mail from clients for song selection, music selection, criteria.
  • Without video Criteria email confirmation we will not start your work.
  • For Cinematic Video We generally take time around 3 months according to workload.
  • For cinematic work, live preview link will be Provided.
  • During live preview, time code may/may not be available to note the timing for understanding.

Traditional Video Output

  • For traditional work, no live preview will be showed and only one time may be changed.
  • Once video is completed, HD Version will be dispatched with your HDD/pen drive or Google Drive.( Video will be deleted 12 hours)
  • Make sure that you copy your content on another device. Any loss for your work will not be taken responsibility by us.
  • Your video will be deleted after 2 weeks from to date receiving your product.
  • Re-edit after Final Delivery may charge according to criteria. Eg Rendering, HD, Editing.


Kolkata Wedding Photographers

Kolkata Wedding Photographers

Kolkata Wedding Photographers is tough to find nowadays. We have best Kolkata wedding photographers for your events.Now a day’s it’s hard to find a perfect wedding photographer in Kolkata. It was an extraordinary honor to make your wedding successful. All decoration, music, catering, event organizer are lost after a few days but one thing you would never forget is Wedding cinematography. Cinematic wedding in Kolkata has newly emerged and only a few, including us, have implemented it. We, the wedding photographers from Kolkata have created a new style of wedding shoot for a couple. Creating a wedding film for a couple is not easy, as they don’t know how to act during a cinematographic shoot.

Our team comprises of our Director, D.O.P, Sound Engineer, Editors. We are the best #Kolkata wedding photographers. #wedding photographers Kolkata #famous photographers Kolkata.We are also the members of Kolkata photography association.We were shortlisted in the top 5 Kolkata photography contest and submitted best of best wedding photographs at Kolkata photographers club. Getting wedding photographers at this price in Kolkata is not easy. We discuss all the rates with the customer according to their needs. We create a perfect a budget for every customers/client. We sometimes even dumb the voiceover to make a cinematography.
We have Kolkata fashion photographer who is chosen as the top 5 photographers on the list.

Why examine wedding photographer every time while booking. Getting verified by google, bing, yahoo with verified office address with original photography.

We stick to the notion that “Seeing is believing”, so simply get to us &we will not disappoint you!

wedding videography

Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography is an important part to capture the essence, emotion, motion and all included wedding photography budget.Without proper Full HD Wedding Video, your wedding package remains incomplete. (more…)

Wedding Photographer

What led you to specialize as wedding photographer

Wedding photographer

The Wedding Photographer, I began my career as my hobby, shooting studio portraits, kids photography, location shoot, outdoor photography, street photography, wedding photography, etc. When I ventured to start our own in the year 2000, I didn’t have a studio of my own. A wedding was really the only thing we could cover without having a studio.

Professional Candid wedding photography

Professional candid wedding photography

Professional Candid Wedding Photography

Professional Candid wedding photography is to capture unique pictures. Elements such as composition light and storytelling have grown more important to me for candid wedding photography. I often look for light and composition and then wait for the decisive moments to happen within that picture. Early in my career, I would just snap away blindly, hoping to achieve good candid wedding pictures.

Snapping beautiful pictures is just me. I snap photos like a professional candid wedding photographer to capture unique pictures.

What is Professional candid wedding photography?

Wedding Story Roni Weds

Wedding Story of Roni Weds Munmun

Wedding Story, Familiarly known wedding film is a creation of documentary films. Creating a wedding film for the couple is like a film shoot where the only cinematographer knows what to capture during the wedding session.  (more…)

wedding photography kolkata

Wedding Photography kolkata under budget

Wedding Photography Kolkata

Taking a ceremony photography by a photographer is just a clicking image while we say that having best wedding photographer in Kolkata is unique. We judge by portfolio and interview practical session.  (more…)

Abhinav weds Ankita

Abhinav weds Ankita | Australia, and Bangalore

Abhinav weds Ankita, well where to begin! From Classmates to soul mates this couple made much of the moments together. Unaware, of the fact that they were celebrating Love in each of those moments. With Ankita’s gleefulness & the sheer charm of her presence she made a way into Abhinav’s heart. His soul danced to his heart’s content & he arrived on her doorsteps to take away the bride! Ankita with her everlasting beauty illuminated at the thought of Abhinav’s proposal. The siblings Ashu (Abhinav’s brother) & Raja ( Ankita’s Brother) took the wedding preparations on themselves, making it a big success! Only leaving the family to wonder, how quickly the children grew up, now ready to have a Family of their own. No amount of gifts could be compared to the bundle of joy Abhinav was to get in Ankita’s presence. It was no less than a lifetime membership to health( Abhinav weds Ankita ), wealth & prosperity, of course, would fall on his side. Against all odds this couple has entered into a beautiful journey of matrimony, proving that opposites do indeed attract!  Thinking of the marriage ceremony where the Pundit tells you to play truth & dare, all Abhi could do was stare guys. Wondering if this is a reality or one of his fantasy trips to join hands with the love of his life Ankita! And well it wasn’t a dream but the reality of Love!Creating a Cinematic Wedding is just awesome.

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