Candid Wedding Photography in Kolkata , India

Candid Wedding Photography has its roots in Kolkata, the City of Joy! It was started by DM DIGITALS in the year 2000, as one of the finest Professional Candid Wedding Photographers in Kolkata & Creative Wedding Photographers in India. Its onus lies on the man behind the lenses, who is always on the move to capture the beautiful moments of people’s lives! A marital bond is considered the most sacred moment of a person’s life so Candid Wedding Photography to him is also no less sacred! Considering that there is never a second chance to capture these moments, we apply all our skills & train our employees adequately to make sure the photography leaves no stone unturned!

There is no ‘I’ in how we work because creativity is also a Team effort. A responsible photographer always thinks of “We” & then only can he create the best of photographs to let the pictures do the talking! Ensuring that we capture all the moments we have an array of wedding photography options, namely; Documentary Style Wedding, Candid Wedding Photography, Moods Wedding Style, Portrait Wedding Style.

Documentary Wedding is like watching cinema, however here the captured moments are not longer than 45 minutes. All it takes for us to this type of photography is the ability to go unnoticed. It’s here that we capture such unique shots which are elegant & precious at the same time. The Team at DM DIGITALS with its documentary as well as the photojournalistic approach will make its way to create the most beautiful wedding album. We have on board highly experienced cinematography film photographers who will be ideal for managing the pre-wedding & post wedding shoots. We will strive to make your moments into beautiful memories, which will last a lifetime!

Social media is one of the greatest tools we have to help everyone connect. We owe our ever increasing demand for the digital media community, which will help us all connect further. Simply a Candid Wedding photography doesn’t serve our purpose, we indeed require Canvera Album photobooks, Facebook & Twitter for a vibrant presence all around the globe. As we connect more socially, we come only a step closer to you knocking at your doorsteps to give the best of our services.

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